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Foolish Pleasure Descendents

While he's no longer with us, the influence of Foolish Pleasure lives on through his descendents. Here is a list of recent placings by those carrying on his bloodline:

2018 results:
Got Stormy (sireside)7/21, G3 Ontario Colleen S., winner
Storm the Hill (sireside)6/24, G3 Wiltshire S., winner
My Miss Lilly (damside)4/7, G2 Gazelle S., winner

2017 results:
Take Me With You (damside)6/23, ENG-G3 Albany S., third-place
Clyde's Image (sireside)1/7, G3 Dania Beach S., runner-up

2016 results:
Yellow Agate (damside)10/8, G1 Frizette S., winner
Res Judicata (sireside)7/2, G3 Salvator Mile, winner
Take Cover (damside)6/4, listed PA Governor's Cup, winner
First Seal (damside)3/5, AUS-G1 Canterbury S., runner-up
First Seal (damside)3/5, AUS-G2 Millie Fox S., winner
Delicacy (damside)1/2, AUS-G2 Perth Cup, winner

2015 results:
Delicacy (damside)12/19, AUS-G2 C.B. Cox S., winner 
Shotgun Kowboy (damside)—9/27, G3 Oklahoma Derby, winner
Force the Pass (damside)—9/19, G2 Commonwealth Derby, third-place
Interpol (damside)—9/13, G1 Northern Dancer, winner
Interpol (damside)—8/16, G2 Sky Classic, winner
Just Wicked (damside)—8/15, G2 Adirondack S., winner
Force the Pass (damside)—8/15, G1 Secretariat S., third-place
Quasar (damside)—7/5, IND-G2 Maharaja's Gold Cup, winner
Force the Pass (damside)—7/4, G1 Belmont Derby., winner  
Avoid Lightning (sireside)—6/20, AUS-G1 Tiara S., runner-up 
Force the Pass (damside)—5/31, G3 Penn Mile., winner  
Delicacy (damside)—5/9, AUS-G1 South Australian Derby, winner 
Delicacy (damside)—5/2, AUS-G1 Schweppes Oaks, winner
Power Alert (damside)—5/1, G2 Turf Sprint, winner
Delicacy (damside)—4/11, AUS-G2 Western Australia Derby, winner
Avoid Lightning (sireside)—4/1, AUS-G2 Sapphire S., winner 
Old Time Hockey (sireside)—4/4, Tampa Turf Classic, winner
Delicacy (damside)—3/28, AUS-G3 Western Australia Oaks, winner
First Seal (damside)3/28, AUS-G1 Vinery Stud S., runner-up
First Seal (damside)3/14, AUS-G1 Coolmore Classic, runner-up
First Seal (damside)2/28, AUS-G2 Surround S., winner

Avoid Lightning (sireside)—2/21, AUS-G2 Millie Fox S., third-place
First Seal (damside)—2/14, AUS-G2 Light Fingers S., runner-up
Nasa (sireside)—1/3, G3 Jerome S., runner-up
Old Time Hockey (sireside)—1/24, G3 Tampa Bay S., runner-up

2014 results:
Wonder Gal (damside)—11/1, G1 Breeders' Cup Juvenile Fillies, third-place
Cary Street (sireside)—10/31, G2 Las Vegas Marathon, winner
First Seal (damside)10/11, AUS-G1 Spring Champion S., runner-up
First Seal (damside)10/4, AUS-G1 Flight S., winner
First Seal (damside)9/20, AUS-G2 Tea Rose S., winner

Condo Commando (damside)—8/31, G1 Spinaway S., winner 
Interpol (damside)—8/17, Breeders' Stakes (third leg Canadian Triple Crown), runner-up

Wonder Gal (damside)—8/10, G2 Adirondack S., third-place 
Wonder Gal (damside)—7/6, Lynbrook S., winner
Avoid Lightning (sireside)—6/21, AUS-G1 Tiara S., third-place
Avoid Lightning (sireside)—4/19, AUS-G2 Sapphire S., runner-up
Avoid Lightning (sireside)—3/29, AUS-G3 Birthday Card S., winner
Spellbinder (damside)—2/8, NZ-G2 Sir Tristam Fillies Classic, runner-up

2013 results: 
Spellbinder (damside)—11/16, NZ-G1 1000 Guineas, third-place
Moudre (sireside)—10/23, AUS-G3 Geelong Cup, third-place 
Madame Cactus (damside)—10/19, G2 Raven Run S., winner 
Nikkis Smartypants (sireside)—7/26, G3 True North, winner
Better Life (sireside)—7/14, G1 Singapore Derby, winner 
Dan the Tin Man (damside)—7/7, G3 Highlander S., third-place 
Centralinteligence (sireside)—6/29, G1 Triple Bend H., winner 
Centralinteligence (sireside)—5/27, G3 Los Angeles H., runner-up 
Vuitton (damside)—5/27, G3 Winning Colors S., third-place
Dan the Tin Man (damside)—5/13, Tom Ridge S., winner 
Better Life (sireside)—4/26, SIN-G2 Queen Elizabeth II Cup, winner  
Dan the Tin Man (damside)—4/21, Woodstock S, winner 
Smart Ellis (sireside)—4/20, G2 San Juan Capistrano H., third-place
Avoid Lightning (sireside)—4/13, AUS-G3 RN Irwin S., third-place

2012 results:
Phelan Ready (damside)—12/8, AUS-G3 George Moore H., runner-up
Alcopop (damside)—12/9, HK-G1 Hong Kong Cup., third-place
Rosie Rocket (damside)—11/24, AUS-G1 Railway S., third-place
Shewan (sireside)—11/17, AUS-G3 Eclipse S., third-place
Alcopop (damside)—11/3, AUS-G1 Mackinnon S., winner
Smart Ellis (sireside)—11/2, G2 Twilight Derby, third-place
Alcopop (damside)—10/20, AUS-G1 Caulfield Cup., runner-up
Alcopop (damside)—10/13, AUS-G1 Caulfield S., runner-up
Flash Mash (sireside)—9/16, FR-G3Prix du Petit Couvert, third-place
Devil In Disguise (sireside)—9/10, Northlands, G3 British Columbia Derby, runner-up
Moudre (sireside)—9/8, Northlands, AUS-G2 Makybe Diva S., third-place
Devil In Disguise (sireside)—8/18, Northlands, G3 Canadian Derby, third-place
Francois (sireside)—8/18, Arlington, Straight Line S., winner
Zamorar (damside)—8/18, AUS-G2 P.B. Lawrence S., runner-up
Princeville Condo (sireside)—8/11, Illinois Owners S., third-place
Get Stormy (damside)—8/11, G2 Fourstardave H., third-place
Zamorar (damside)—8/11, AUS-G3 Aurie's Star H., third-place
Old Time Hockey (sireside)—8/11, G2 La Jolla H., winner
Zamorar (damside)—7/28, AUS-G3 Bletchingly S., runner-up
Sky Dreamer (damside)—7/21, G3 Arlington Oaks, runner-up 
Old Time Hockey (sireside)—7/18, Del Mar, Oceanside S., third-place 
Glaneuse (sireside)—7/7, AUS-L Winter Championship, winner 
Rosie Rocket (damside)—7/7, AUS-G3 Strickland S., third-place 
Positive Response (damside)—7/1, Alamedan Handicap., runner-up
Ideal Position (damside)—June 30, AUS-L Riviana Foodservice Civic Quality, third-place
Caliente (damside)—6/23, AUS-L Centenary Mercedes-Benz Stakes, runner-up
Rosie Rocket (damside)—6/23, AUS-G3 Hyperion S., runner-up (DH) 
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—6/23, AUS-G3 Hyperion S., runner-up (DH)
I’ll Show Them (sireside)—6/17, Shot of Gold S., winner (new record)
Flying Blue (damside)—6/17, HK-G3 Prince Jewellery Premier Cup, third-place
Kinetics (damside)—6/17, Promin Wauchope Cup, winner
Get Stormy (damside)—6/10, G2 Monmouth S., runner-up
Zamorar (damside)—6/9, AUS-L Creswick S., runner-up
Scenic Shot (sireside)—6/2, AUS-G2 Eagle Farm Cup, runner-up
Centralinteligence (sireside)—5/29, G3 Los Angeles S., runner-up
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—5/26, AUS-G3 Roma Cup, third-place 
Smartys Emperoress (damline)—5/12, Unbridled Sidney S., runner-up
Scenic Blast (sireline)—5/12, AUS-G1 BTC Cup, runner-up
Stirling Grove (damside)—5/12, AUS-G1 Goodwood, third-place
Phelan Ready (damside)—5/5, AUS-Listed Prime Minister's Cup, third-place
Flash Mash (sireside)—4/21, Giant’s Causeway S., winner
Shewan (sireside)—4/7, AUS-G3 Caulfield Easter Cup, third-place 
Narcissus (damline)—3/31, AUS-G2 Pago Pago S., runner-up  
Isn’t He Clever (sireside)—3/25, Sunland, G3 Sunland Derby, runner-up 
Smartys Emperoress (damline)—3/24, Happy Ticket S., third-place 
Collect Art (damside)—2/28, G3 Qatar Invitation Cup, winner 
Better Life (sireline)—2/26, Kranji S. (Singapore), runner-up 
Isn’t He Clever (sireside)—2/25, Sunland, Borderland Derby, winner 
Narcissus (damline)—2/18, AUS-Listed Canonbury S., third-place 
Slim Shadey (damline)—2/11, G2 San Marco S., winner 
Get Stormy (damside)—2/11, G1 Gulfstream Park Turf H., winner

2011 results:

E Bar Way (damside)—12/30, Sunland, Red Hedeman Mile, third-place
Isn’t He Clever (sireside)—12/30, Sunland, Riley Allison Futurity, winner
Keiai Gerbera (sireside)—12/11, JPN-G3 Capella S. (dirt), winner
Smarty Moonhak (sireside)—12/11, KOR-G1 Grand Prix, third-place
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—12/3, AUS-G3 A.J. Scahill S., winner
Sunrise Smarty (sireside)—11/24, G3 Fall Highweight Handicap, winner
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—11/19, AUS-G1 Winterbottom S., third-place
Caiguna (damside)—11/19, AUS-G2 W. A. Guineas, runner-up
So Swift (damside)—11/12, AUS-G2 Sandown Guineas, winner
Concealed Identity (sireside)—11/5, Find Handicap, winner
Stole (sireside)—11/5, AUS-G2 Matriarch S., runner-up
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—11/5, AUS-G2 Waroa-Lee-Steere S., runner-up
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—10/22, AUS-G3 Prince of Wales S., runner-up
Sunrise Smarty (sireside)—10/9, Duck Dance S. (Belmont), runner-up
Get Stormy (damside)—10/8, G1 Shadwell Turf Mile, runner-up 
Shewan (sireside)—10/8, AUS-G2 Herbert Power S., winner
Alcopop (damside)—9/10, AUS-G2 Dato’Tan Chin Nam S., runner-up
Cross of Gold (damside)—8/27, AUS-G3 McNeil Stakes, runner-up
Get Stormy (damside)—8/26, G2 Bernard Baruch H., runner-up
Concealed Identity (sireside)—6/18, G3 Pegasus S., runner-up
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—6/11, AUS-G3 Belmont Sprint H., winner
Becerra (damside)—6/4, AUS-G1 Queensland Oaks, runner-up
Grand Nirvana (sireside)—5/28, AUS-G3 Roma Cup, winner
Smartcity (sireside)—5/22, IRE-G3 Gallinule S., third-place
Scenic Shot (sireside)—5/21, AUS-G1 Doomben Cup, winner
Miles Gloriosus (damside)—5/15, ITY-L Premio Emirates Airline, winner
Get Stormy (damside)—5/7, G1 Woodford Reserve Turf Classic, winner
Concealed Identity (sireside)—5/7, Federico Tesio S., winner
Streetcar Magic (sireside)—4/16, AUS-G3 McKay S., winner
Get Stormy (damside)—4/15, G1 Maker’s Mark Mile, winner
Shotgun Gulch (damside)—4/14, G1 Vinery Madison, winner
Flying Blue (damside)—4/3, Sha Tin, HK-G2 Chairman’s Trophy, winner
Backtalk (sireside)—3/26, Fair Grounds, Duncan F. Kenner S., runner-up
Positive Response (damside)—3/5, Turfway, John Battaglia Memorial S., winner
Afleet Deceit (damside)—2/27, Sam Houston Distaff, winner
Holidaysatthefarm (sireside)—2/12, Gulfstream, Florida Oaks runner-up
Wicked Deed (damside)—2/5, Fair Grounds, Tiffany Lass S., winner
Flash Mash (sireside)—2/5, Fair Grounds, Tiffany Lass S., runner-up
Gilded Gem (sireside)—1/30, Santa Anita, G1 Santa Monica runner-up
Positive Response  (damside)—1/15, Golden Gate, California Derby, winner
Torio’s Quest (damside)—1/15, Gold Coast (AUS), $1 million Magic Million 3yo Guineas, winner