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Monday, November 19, 2007

Pass Me a Cold One...Todd?

Okay, so I can't see Todd Pletcher doing a beer commercial. Race horses—except for the iconic (and dead) Barbaro—and their trainers just aren’t as popular in pop culture (let alone on the sports pages) as they once were. Besides, Todd strikes me as a vodka man…

Anyway, I was cruising YouTube, reliving some of my favorite horse of all-time’s best races, and ran across this classic Miller Lite commercial from 1976. Talk about a statement on how racing’s popularity has fallen in the past quarter century! Imagine, a large portion of the population actually knew not only LeRoy Jolley and his trainees Foolish Pleasure and Honest Pleasure, but also would actually get the joke about What a Pleasure! Let me just wallow in sentimental self-pity in mourning the passing of the Golden Age of Racing...enjoy:


Anonymous said...

amazing, amazing, amazing. Jolley is kind of stiff, but the ad shows the "good taste" of the classic Lite beer ads. You'd think the (energy saving) lightbulb would go off in the heads of the NTRA hacks. Hey, instead of "Go Baby Go!" where we try to sell ourselves, we get our people to sell other products. Now THAT's how you bring racing to the public: Tie yourself in with products they already know and love. Instead, racing remains self-contained and the only cross-polination is done for the benefit of THE OTHER companies, i.e. Visa, Yum Brands, etc. Racing needs a good talent agent and marketer to sell its characters, and, no, I'm not talking about Pat Valenzuela for No-Doze, I'm talking about Baffert for beer, Pletcher for champagne, Napravnik for clothing, Zito for everything! -- J.S.