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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck of the Irish

Not many tracks to choose from, but here’s some hunch bets for Tuesday, March 17— Go gcuire Dia an t-ádh ort!

Beulah, Race 6—Rainbow of Dreams
Mountaineer, Race 1—Spot Gold
Mountaineer, Race 4—Sweet Molly Malone
Mountaineer, Race 7—Patrick
Philadelphia, Race 7—Bring Me Fortune
Sunland, Race 5—Hunkagold
Sunland, Race 11—Shimmer to Gold
Tampa Bay, Race 7—Mass
Will Rogers, Race 5—Chasin Rainbows
Will Rogers, Race 6—Irish Fun

And for those architecture geeks like me:

Philadelphia, Race 10—Ionic
Portland Meadows, Race 2—Crenellation
Portland Meadows, Race 9—Tongue and Groove

EDITED TO ADD: And how appropriate is it that today it was announced that Pittsburgh Steelers owner Dan Rooney will be nominated to be ambassador to Ireland?


Anonymous said...

Great list Valerie but you missed a good one. Patty's Bluff in Philly's 2nd race.

Valerie Grash said...

You're right, Gary, I did miss that one :_) And though she didn't win, look at the result from that race!:

Not only a deadheat for first, but also a deadheat for third! All four horses just a neck apart!