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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Friday's Results

Good day at the OTB, even though it snowed like heck, and hardly anyone else was there except our dear diehard friends!

Here’s how the Laurel picks did (although I didn’t play all of them):
Sora ($3.80) to win in Race 2
Pias Moonlite ($3.20) to place in Race 3
She’s Achance ($3.60) to place in Race 4
Power of the Porgi ($7.20) to place and Criminal Mind ($2.10) to show in Race 7
Tough Stuff ($3.60) to win in Race 9 (only Symbolical finished out of the money)

I had Kathy’s Escolha ($8.20) to win in Race 6. Jeremy Rose did a nice job with Private Whisper ($7.00) to place, and Long Time Gone hung in there for show ($3.20). I also won $6.80 with Happiness Is in the 4th at Gulfstream, and $8.00 with Guided Affair (place) in the 5th (purely gut pick). Also had Radical Storm($4.80) to win in the 1st , and Spanish Lights ($5.40) in the 4th at Tampa Bay. However, poor Danthebluegrassman disappointed me, finishing six out of nine. Oh, well…so much for sentimentality :)

I am working on Saturday’s big races, and will post those picks later.