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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Saturday on the Polytrack at Turfway

Hansel Stakes:

1. Stormin Baghdad
2. Awesome Hero
3. Weather Warning


1. Olivine
2. Silverinyourpocket
3. Our Dancing Babe


1. Reata's Rocket
2. Dominican
3. Passport

Lane's End:

1. Twilight Meteor
2. Sports Town
3. Hard Spun


patriciapunt said...

do you use daily racing form? just curious about what you think about the upcoming change - no longer going to pulish charts....

patriciapunt said...


Valerie said...

No, I'm too cheap to spend the money for the DRF :) Are they really going to stop publishing PPs? That's terrible! In order to make good betting choices, I think you have to have all possible information, not just past performances, but particularly recent workout numbers. Whatever I can find online is what I use. Some of the bigger trainers and barns post the Brisnet charts, which I find to be most helpful. And I get updates on workouts from Equibase's free Virtual Stable. When I go to the OTW facilty (which is closing here in June, much to my dismay), I buy the Daily Racing Program with PPs provided by Equibase. I'm also anal retentive about breeding, so I love consulting (and updating)

Believe me, I don't pretend to be an expert...I'm still learning :)

patriciapunt said...

Sorry that you're losing your OTB what will you do? I go to Pimlico in Baltimore. I too have Virtual Stable and am working to populate it. Thanks for the tips!

Valerie said...

I don't know :( The closest OTW facilty is in Chambersburg, which is two hours away, and the track at Charles Town is 2 1/2 hours. The OTW place here was on my way home from work, so I could just pop in there anytime. It is well used by both locals, and people driving up from Maryland (about 1/2 hour drive) and out-of-town visitors. I have thought about trying an online betting service, like (I love placing imaginary bets on!). However, I'm afraid placing electronic bets might lead to a serious addiction, since I won't actually see the money leaving my hands...I know my limits and addiction tendencies :) Plus, our OTW facility is beautiful, clean, tons of seating and tvs, with friendly staff and fellow bettors, and good food even. Us girls love to get together there at least once a week, since some are now retired and it is the only chance we get to visit and catch up on workplace gossip (yeah, the REALLY serious horseplayers LOVE us laughing when they are busy analyzing, and then see one of us win by just guessing a "pretty name" horse!). LOL!

How are the facilities at Pimlico? Is there "real" seating for horseplayers, or has it been "modernized" like Gulfstream, leaving little to no places to view the races? I'd love to go to a "real" track to watch in person. Maybe we girls will have to make a road trip to Pimlico, Philly Park or Monmouth even.

Patrica said...

I've had an online account and you're right it isn't the same! I only use it when I want to make a bet and have no other way. Beware of Pimlico - very bad section of twon and the place is falling down! I wonder if they won't loose the Preakness - my guess is that it will go to Gulfstream. Magna offered to redo Pimlico and our local pols said no thank you. Live racing has been cut back drastically at Pim. If I were you I'd try Philadelphia. I live about 30 minutes from Pim but will only go with my son. I wish that we had a nice place like you are describing.I've been to Laurel and it is nicer but that would be quite a ride for you! I've been to Calder also and I liked that track. Thanks for your picks....