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Saturday, May 26, 2007

O Fair Maidens

My thanks to fellow TBA blogger Quinella Queen for guiding me to maiden Zippy Chippy, whose 0 for 100 record is actually not the American record-holder for most races without a victory. A gelding who raced in the 1950s, Thrust (Bold Salute-Stitching, out of Sting) still holds the record, with 105 starts, no wins, 5 places, and 7 shows. Odd, as Thrust’s granddaddy was Bold Venture, Kentucky Derby and Preakness Winner, and his great-great granddaddy was the great Swynford. On his dam’s side, he was descended from Man o’ War. Just go to show breeding isn’t everything.

I also found the longest losing streak in the world is the Japanese mare Haru Urara, who was 0 for 113 before retiring in 2006. The British gelding Quixall Crossett retired in 2002 with 103 losses without a victory. So, since all three of these recent “losers” are retired, does that make Four Acres (at 0 for 65) the current “loser” or is there another perpetual maiden running out there on some bush track in America?