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Friday, August 17, 2007

4 Acres for Four Acres?

How I got fixated on this six-year-old gelding, I will never understand, but Four Acres lost his 74th race in a row, finishing fourth at 106-1, in race 1 at Suffolk Downs last Sunday. According to my unofficial record keeping, Four Acres is thus tied with six-year-old mare Diamond Kind for the current maiden runner with most losses in America.

However, Four Acres may no longer run, as his trainer apparently has taken ownership of him and is offering him for sale through Canter New England:

T07-2276-07. TRAINER-OWNED GELDING, Bay, 15.3 hands, 6 years old
"Four Acres" is a beautiful boy - he looks like an Arab, with his dished profile and magnificent mane. Sweet, uncomplicated disposition; even on a hectic race day, he was so calm that his trainer jogged him out for us with JUST a halter (no lead shank!) Four Acres is his trainer's pet and she wants an "extra special home" for this versatile guy: he has been trail ridden on the farm, has excellent ground manners - such a good, dependable sort that trainer (who was injured in an accident) is able to ride him herself. Price: $2,500 to the right home. Call Bessie Sue Nichols at 937-441-9755.

It breaks my heart that I don’t live on a small farm because I would take this sweet boy in a hot minute. I hope another interested party does give him a proper home soon.


superterrific said...

what a sweetie... you should call Bessie Sue and let her know that he has a fan club & that we'd love to make sure he gets a good home too!

msamantham said...

I wish I had 2500 and a way to get him here! We got the room on our farm stock full of fat, sassy, retired arabs.