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Sunday, September 2, 2007

Video of Presque Isle Downs' Inaugural Stakes

Here's a link to an amateur video (not mine) of Presque Isles Downs' Inaugural Stakes since there doesn't seem to be any PID replays on


John (AKA Not Too Swift) said...

I did not here a call, there is a P A system at PID, right?

Valerie said...

I don't think there is, but Nellie or Tracey should know for sure. I haven't seen a live feed of a race there yet. At least not on YouBet. And PID's website is minimal, at best.

You know, John, I think between you, me, and the other PA bloggers, we should start to raise a major bitch about how the new "racinos" are sooooo anti-fan. With no grandstand at PID and the situation there at's just so wrong. Think anyone is the PA gov't cares?

Nellie said...

John, the best answer I can give you is 'yes and no'. The first day, you couldn't hear a thing if you weren't on the patio (and even then, it was faint).

Yesterday, there was a little bit at the rail. Every now and then you'd catch a horse's name, but as far as what was being said about them, who knows? Am I wrong in making the assumption that before opening the gates, they would have sent someone out to the rail and done that nice 'testing 1-2-3' thing? It wasn't just that you just couldn't hear it over the crowd, either...

Honestly, the best place to watch a race (if you want to know what's going on) is inside, on one of the screens.

Valerie, no one cares ... it's sad, but true. I'm sure that a number of the people on the racing side of things have said more than enough, but were quickly reminded that this is a casino that just happens to have horses behind it sometimes. This project is about six (!!) years in the making and that fact has always been made clear. Remember, it isn't the racing fans that they care about ... it's the slots players. I was told as much earlier in the year by someone who didn't have much authority (and perhaps didn't realize that wasn't the 'official line').

One big complaint I've heard is about the stalls and how horses are digging into the gravel through the straw (straw, btw, is generally not considered preferred bedding, at least in the non-racing world and where I used to ride)... while they will get some rubber mats in (a brand new barn without stall mats?!), but not until after the meet had been concluded.