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Saturday, February 2, 2008

Upset Saturday

What a huge surprise that Hystericalady failed so miserably in the G1 Santa Monica, finishing fourth of five. Light-weight longshot Intagaroo ($55.80 win) popped a shocker, while my sole WP bet on Overly Tempting didn’t pan out, as she finished third, but paid $16.80 show as the bridge jumpers lost big-time. I wish I would have looked at the show pool beforehand because I just thought it wasn’t worth a show bet on Overly Tempting with her short odds. Duh!

I didn’t get a chance to bet on the Donn because Twinspires’ servers overloaded before the race, putting their site out of commission (THAT will have to be the topic of a later rant). It was probably for the best, as Einstein didn’t take to the dirt and Brass Hat could only get up for fourth. Kiss the Kid ($13.00 show) was a surprising third, behind winner Spring At Last ($14.00) and A.P. Arrow ($4.40 place). Daaher, who some were touting as the Next Big Thing, failed miserably, well back in seventh, beating only Dr Googles Boogles.

In the La Habra, I ignored the favorite Ariege ($3.00 place) at my peril…but Passion ($8.60 win) topped her (by just a nose), with my other selections Sweet August Moon ($5.40 show) and Set Play fleshing out a $1 superfecta that paid a paltry $364.40.

I had Storm Military ($5.20 win) and Mr Napper Tandy ($5.20 place) in the Thunder Road, but It’s a Bird finished a non-threatening mid-pack.

In the Strub, Air Commander scratched so it looked like Tiago’s race to lose…and he did, as Monterey Jazz ($13.60 win) impressively went wire-to-wire, with Tiago ($2.80 place) and Monzante ($4.60 show).

Seriously, I'm ready to give up on Tiago...


dana said...

Man, Tiago barely placed too...