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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Out on a Limb

God, I don't even want to put my picks down in typed form because I'm afraid to curse them...that's how emotionally invested I've now become in some of these three-year-olds.

I love everything about Elysium Fields. Period. Enough said. Smooth Air’s long works in advance of this please me, as well as his inside post, but not sure if he wants 9f. I feel the opposite, though, about Fierce Wind’s super-quick bullet 4f work 5 days ago (:46)—too much? Still, he's one of my top picks. I hate hype so watch Big Brown or Hey Bryn come in (maybe I should just say I like them, so they will lose...twisted, eh?).

The Black Stallion-loving little kid in me would love to see the "Mystery Horse" Tomcito pull off the win. I'll definite put a $2 bet on him, just in case...


Okay, so freakin’ Big Brown lived up to the hype today—yuck! Rick Dutrow certainly had the gods shining on him today, with the two Dubai wins on top of this one. Still, I had a $2 WPS bet on Smooth Air who finished second so that paid nicely ($20.20 total), and, after trailing the field nearly the entire way, Tomcito got up for third. I’ll have to take a closer look at his effort, but that’s encouraging. On the other hand, it sure looked like something happened to Elysium Fields—he was up close then dropped back fast…hopefully, he isn’t injured.


race said...

Valerie--First off, congrats on your public handicapper picks (princess composer)--this past weekend, and most importantly your comments, I enjoy your handicapping. As far as Big Brown is concerned, if you read what I said before the race, I just didn't see him winning, not enough seasoning. Well the Old Days are gone,(at least for now)-things change, and these race horses aren't the ones my Daddy and I watched as I was growing up. I included Big Brown in my Tri's and Super's, but not on top. I must admit that him starting from right field and going to the front effortlessly, was something to behold. We'll see. I'm in the NTRA qualifying this weekend--did you enter? If you did let me know what your sign name is so I can cheer you on. I'd like to see War Pass show up in the Wood, so at least we theoretically will have someone up with the New "Now" Horse for the 1st Saturday in May---race