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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Talk About Being a Masochist (Or Is That a Narcissist?)’s Talkin’ Horses feature returns after a month sabbatical with a new guest on Thursday, September 25—Mike (not Michael...we're shaping a more approachable, everyman image for him) Iavarone, co-president and CEO of IEAH. Submit your questions here.

Personally, I'd love to see the comments and questions that WON'T be answered. You can bet what the reading public will see is manipulated by IEAH’s well-oiled propaganda machine...I mean, public relations pigeons...and Bloodhorse whose current entry page advertising is dominated by a massive Three Chimneys banner ad touting Big Brown at stud. "Brown is the new black." "Dominant in the Florida and Kentucky Derby." "Explosive in the Preakness" (a prelude to saying he “bombed” in the Belmont?). "Courageous in the Haskell" (as in barely surviving mediocre competition?). Don’t get me started. I’m dealing with similar manipulative wordplay at work and it’s pissing me off.


Winston...not really said...

I've always found that the best way to deal with idiocy is to suppress all your feelings and bury them way, way down inside you.

Then start shopping for guns.

I once wrote a comment on Waldrop's verbal expectorant. It was in the Queen's English and requested a response. It was never posted.

I think you are dead on in your assessment of Mikey's current turn in the barrel.

Alan H. said...

I hate seeing stud advertisements for colts that are still in training. They just don't sit well with me.

SaratogaSpa said...

Let me be the contrarian here. Some one has to do it.

Didn't most bloggers out there boast immediately after the Belmont Failure of BB that IEAH would soon announce that Big Brown would retire, never set foot again on a racetrack?

I think some credit has to go to IEAH and Dutrow for handling the horse post-Belmont very well, winning the Haskell and then winning on the Grass, keeping the horse healthy, keeping him racing right up until the stud deal kicks in and running him in the BC (when others-ie Curlin-might pass). I guess there are 2 camps here, and maybe I am wrong-but I think history will prove out that BB was a pretty good damm horse.

Anonymous said...

To saratogaspa,
Don't extend too much credit to Iavarone. First of all he had to know BB was on the juice for his GP allowance win, the Florida Derby and Kentucky Derby (last reported injection came April 15). He would have outright stole the breeding rights money if BB couldn't win without drugs. That was the real reason they had to keep him in training. After all, would you have sent your graded stakes quality mare to breed to a son of Boundary who won the first two jewels of the Triple crown on Winstrol and retired after being drubbed in the Belmont without the drug? With wins in the Haskell, his 4th G.1 of the year, and the Monmouth for his 2nd turf win, BB's answered critics (like me) and there will be a good sized book for him next year.
Also, ol' Mike Iavarone nearly hung Dutrow out with his "no steroids" mandate when the media started pressing the issue. As for Dutrow, while I don't care for his personality, I respect his training of BB since the Belmont fiasco. He's showing me that he can handle a potential champion amid controversy over steroid use. In fact, the post-Belmont BB Dutrow has produced is a clinic in how to train a horse without Winstrol or the like. Six weeks between races. No talk of quarter cracks. No front bandages. Dutrow is very fortunate BB's enough horse to have won his last two off the sauce. Did ya see lightly bred Kip Deville's last race for IEAH and Dutrow?

libby said...

Very funny Winston! Too bad about your comment, I would liked to have read it.

Alan what does not sit well with you is a huge part of the problem with horse racing today. Three Chimneys is a great farm but man-o-man what a huge turn off. BB is an ok horse, albeit Derby winner, why in the hell would anyone pay BB bucks for continuing hoof problems.

Anonymous said...

.....bury them way, way down inside you. Then start shopping for guns.

Your approach would cause me too much stress, there are just too many guns to choose from.