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Saturday, December 27, 2008

We Have a Winner (Sorta)

Finally, the last artist was named in our little hunch picks’ contest—Umberto Boccioni whose painting “Elasticity” illustrated Machine in Motion (thanks to equine artist Sharon Chute!). Unfortunately, it did not clearly decide a winner, however. The final point total was:

Jessica – 4
Patrick – 4
Sharon – 3
Teresa – 2
Dana – 1

So, tough decision, but I’m going to have to go with Jessica as the winner, since she named all four of her choices in one shot, while Patrick took a bit longer. Jess and Patrick, send your mailing addresses to my yahoo email address at right, and I’ll have your books out in the mail pronto. We’ll definitely have to do another contest like this again soon. Congratulations to all!

As for the results, the only track where the art history angle worked was Aqueduct (must be because New York is so cultured!).

Hadrian’s Image (Aqueduct, race 1) $3.00 show
Tulipmania (Aqueduct, race 3) $11.40 win
One Starry Nite (Aqueduct, race 5) $6.10 show

The only one I actually bothered to play was One Starry Nite. He’d finished a combined 26 lengths back in his last two races (on fast tracks), but was less than 2 lengths back on muddy Aqueduct outer track before that—and the track was sloppy. At 30-1, he finished a distant third behind 9-5 Kamboo Man, and 3-1 Methodtomymadness, but still paid $6.10 to show.


Jessica said...

Thanks! It was a fun contest, a perfect diversion during the holidays. I hoped to identify at least one more painting, but those last three were tough ...