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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Baby Names

The announcements on Monday of new arrivals for first-time sires Corinthian and Invasor got me thinking it’s time for another reader competition, although this one just for fun, not prizes.

Let's see how creative we are—make them seriously appropriate, or fun and naughty, it’s up to you! Just for kicks I have included the as-yet-unborn offsprings of Rags to Riches and Azeri, so provide both filly and colt names if you wish for Rags. If you are really serious, you can check The Jockey Club database to see if the names you select are already taken.

[edited to add Shakespeare and Jazil's new colts]

Filly (Corinthian-Sister Kit, by Storm Cat)

Filly (Senor Swinger-A Wonder She Is, by Three Wonders)

Colt (Invasor-Abby Road, by Danehill)

Filly (English Channel-Ser O No Ser, by Golden Voyager)

Filly (Ghostzapper-Azeri, by Jade Hunter)

Unknown (Giant’s Causeway-Rags to Riches, by A.P. Indy)

Colt (Shakespeare-Cafe Circle, by Vindication)

Colt (Jazil-Art Affair, by Mineshaft)

I'll take a stab at them too—I took the mostly-serious, somewhat esoteric route, so you may have to Google some of these, or be an anal-retentive intellectual geek.

For the Invasor colt, may I suggest “Invading Dane”? The English Channel filly screams “Ophelia” or “Soliloquy” which are both already taken, so I’ll take a different route and go with “Golden Compass.” For Azeri’s filly, I like “Tulpar” (massively appropriate) or maybe “Asheq” or “Ashik”, and the Corinthian filly has to be “Volute.”

As for Rags to Riches, if a colt, it’s got to be “Horatio Alger” (will anyone get that reference these days?) or a filly something equally regal to her dam, like “Maeshowe.” As for the Senor Swinger filly, I’ll take the low road and go with “Wife Swap.”

Oh, and speaking of baby names, congratulations to new father Kevin, The Aspiring Horseplayer, whose second son was born recently! I don’t know...Curlin Stafford has a certain ring to it :)


Amateurcapper said...

This was fun but I spent way too much time researching...
If the names are used, would the owners please send me a Breeders' Cup pass to join them in the paddock :-)!!!
In order listed:
Corinthian, describing inhabitants of the Greek Isle of Corinthe
Do I need to explain?
Referencing The Beatles as leader of British Bands coming to the U.S. and the sire defined in English
Another descriptor of the sire's name and what To Be or Not To Be is.
Again, self-explanatory
And lastly...
A heroic Irish Warrior who constructed the Causeway in a fight with a Scottish giant
Colossal, synonym for Giant and Tale, for the legend of Giant's Causeway and rags to riches stories

Valerie said...

Those are awesome!! Seriously, I love, love Finn Maccool and British Invader...very cool.

dana said...

Ok, just a couple that come to mind with not enough caffeine and no research for clever combos...

Senor Swinger - A Wonder She Is = Swing Out Sister

Giant's Causeway - Rags to Riches = Road to Riches

Wife Swap really made me laugh as did Curlin Stafford! Curlin Zenyatta Stafford, very nice! I may take another stab at these later, very fun.

Lucy D. Jones said...

Corinthian - Sister Kit should be Element, referring to both an architectural element and to a part of a kit. (Element has no direct matches in the Jockey Club, although some are close.)

Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Looks like Rag Rider is still available.

Wind Gatherer said...

Here goes nothing...

Corinthian Filly-Leather Habit
Senor Swinger-Threesome
Invasor Colt-Battle of Hastings
English Channel-Lost Armada
Ghostzapper-Tek Teker Kamil
Giants Caus(filly)-Mag Mell
(colt)-Fenian Cycle

Valerie said...

You are all amazing! Too bad we can't earn livings doing this :)

Rag Rider sounds dirty for some reason, but Threesome made me blow coffee out my nose!

dana said...

How about Jazil's first foal...

Jazil - Art Affair = Better than Art or Honorable Affair.

Amateurcapper said...

How about SHAKESPEARE's first foal, a colt out of CAFE CIRCLE, by VINDICATION???
BARD OF AVON - has nothing to do with the dam, deserves to be named after pops who was the rare, brilliant miler who stayed 10f.

Anonymous said...

Filly (Corinthian-Sister Kit, by Storm Cat)

BRONZE CAT (Corinth was known for its bronzes)

Filly (Senor Swinger-A Wonder She Is, by Three Wonders)


Colt (Invasor-Abby Road, by Danehill)


Filly (English Channel-Ser O No Ser, by Golden Voyager)


Filly (Ghostzapper-Azeri, by Jade Hunter)


Unknown (Giant’s Causeway-Rags to Riches, by A.P. Indy)


Colt (Shakespeare-Cafe Circle, by Vindication)


Colt (Jazil-Art Affair, by Mineshaft)


Anne S said...

The only one that springs out for me is the Corinthian - Sister Kit filly.

I immediately thought of the Georgette Heyer novel - Friday's Child.

In Regency times a Corinthian was top-of-the-trees. Not only was he athletic, having probably boxed with Gentleman Jackson at Jackson's Saloon (Bond Street), but he was a leader of fashion, a superb driver (of carriages, etc) and probably very well connected and rich.

In the novel "Friday's Child" the ingenue heroine Hero Wantage is married to such a gentleman, who regards her more as a sister than a wife and calls her Kitten.

Of course Friday's Child may be taken.

Valerie said...

Oooh, Chariset, I love your thinking! Those are excellent names—I particularly like Bronze Cat, and Swing and a Miss is totally brilliant!

Anne, the more we interact the more I think we are separated sisters :) I love Regency novels, and Georgette Heyer is a favorite. Unfortunately, there is a Friday’s Child registered here (Brief Truce-Ribbons Rouge, by El Moxie). Reading her pedigree, I suspect whoever named her was thinking along the same lines as you.

Nora said...

Filly (Corinthian-Sister Kit, by Storm Cat)
Act of Contrition

Filly (Senor Swinger-A Wonder She Is, by Three Wonders) ThruWithTheTwoStep

Colt (Invasor-Abby Road, by Danehill)
Rue d'Abby

Filly (English Channel-Ser O No Ser, by Golden Voyager)
Magical Mystery Tour

Filly (Ghostzapper-Azeri, by Jade Hunter)
Spooky Landing

Unknown (Giant’s Causeway-Rags to Riches, by A.P. Indy)

Colt (Shakespeare-Cafe Circle, by Vindication)
Cross The Line

Colt (Jazil-Art Affair, by Mineshaft)
Jazz Fest