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Friday, April 17, 2009

Tin Cup Chalice Euthanized

Only a day after being announced 2008 New York state-bred three-year-old male, Tin Cup Chalice was euthanized at Finger Lakes this morning following a training accident. Story over at the Thoroughbred Times. Always very sad to hear of things like this.

My last days of classes, with only finals week standing between me and four blissful months of summer vacation...lots of Kentucky Derby discussion, and other commentary, to come shortly!


Derek said...

That is so sad. He was such fun to watch last summer and so game in every race.

Anonymous said...

As a friend and supporter of Tin Cup Chalice and the Lecesse family, we hope all horse racing fans remember his spirit, his will, and his record in four short years.

We can only hope that Mike is blessed with the same opportunity to develop and nuture his next champion.