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Friday, May 1, 2009

“The Greatest Horse I’ve Ever Been On”

Wow. Wow. Wow!!!

Borel never moved an inch on her. She galloped away from the field, over 20 lengths ahead in near record time—without trying.

Seriously, how can the Derby possibly stack up against this effort?

At the last minute, I played a $2 exacta on Rachel Alexandra and Stone Legacy, the latter solely based on her Birdstone connection (a la Summer Bird). It paid a nice $45.20.


John said...

Yep, I was having a Ruffian flashback at the 1/16 pole,

BUT the owner's comments about racing stallions against stallions and fillies against fillies is sure to get get some of the distaff bloggers knickers in a twist.

I am only guessing but I would suspect you might be one of them :-)

Valerie said...

Ya think? LMAO :)

Yeah, that pissed me off. And what about poor geldings? Obviously he must think they are wasted in the Derby too because, god, it's all about setting colts up to retire from racing immediately to make beaucoup money for breeders like him. Wow...yeah, it kinda ruined the mood.

Keith - Triple Dead Heat said...

What a race! Gave me goosebumps...

I appreciate Borel's restraint in the strech. Class jock, class horse.

Unbelievable. I have to go watch that again.

The_Knight_Sky said...

How convenient is it to dismiss the fact that the only formidable rival in the field was scratched - Justwhistledixie?

Under the circumstance Rachel Alexandra just had to produce a big win. And she did and it's great that it has elicted the "oohs and ahhs".

However today's Oaks performance was also a reflection of the subpar quality of fillies that remained in to face this new queen of the sophomore filly division.

I'd hesitate before engraving her name on the Eclipse Award.

After last year's Preakness stakes we were all gushing in the same manner by annointing Big Brown as the Triple Crown winner.
How soon we have forgotten!

Valerie said...

Man, and I thought I was "Debbie Downer" :)

No offense, but Justwhistledixie would never have gotten the distance, but yeah, it would have made for a far more interesting race. However, considering the times Rachel Alexandra has put down in workouts and races, as well as the facile ways in which she has won, to be so dismissive is meritless.

The_Knight_Sky said...

Valerie wrote:

However, considering the times Rachel Alexandra has put down in workouts and races, as well as the facile ways in which she has won, to be so dismissive is meritless.


ha ha. no one is dismissive.
A couple of grains of salt in the analysis would not hurt.

I suppose you were one of those who gave Big Brown the Triple Crown based upon his runaway margin in the Preakness last year.

A "foregone conclusion" all over again. Some racing fans never seem to learn their lessons. They say fame and fortune is fleeting. So is thoroughbred Form. Does anyone really believe this Rachel Alexandra is capable of a gang-busters effort like this every time she steps foot on the racetrack?

She'll falter one day too.
I'm seeing too many fans on the web lavishing praise. Rags to Riches was not only going to take on the boys in the Travers Stakes but also in the Breeders Cup Classic - and beat them again after her remarkable Belmont stakes.

We all know how that turned out.
Not a "downer" - just a realist
who comes with a couple of suitcases of objectivity.

Thank you and I'm off my soap box now. ;-)

Valerie said...

It’s dangerous to make assumptions. As a matter of fact, I completely dismissed Big Brown in the Derby, in the Preakness and in the Belmont. Never liked him, still don’t. I didn’t drink that Kool-aid, thank you very much.

Sometimes I write analysis, sometimes reaction. This post falls into the latter category. Objectivity belongs—or at least it used to belong—in the realm of journalists. I’m not a journalist, just a knowledgeable fan who has viewed enough racing to know a superb performance when I see it.

Let’s agree to disagree and move on. Thanks for reading.