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Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Names 2010

‘Tis the birthing season for thoroughbreds, so it’s time once again to play the new foal naming game. Let’s see how creative we are—whether serious or funny (or even naughty), it’s up to you! You can check The Jockey Club database to see if the names you select are already taken. Lots of fillies thus far which, considering how the fairer sex has dominated racing in the past few years, is probably a good thing.

Colt (Student Council, out of the Unbridled mare Unbridledobsession) born Jan 4

Colt (Indygo Shiner, out of the Giant’s Causeway mare Jade Queen) born Jan 8

Filly (Zanjero, out of the Broken Vow mare Frangible) born Jan 8

Colt (Xchanger, out of High Brite mare Maiden of Honor) born Jan 8

Filly (Theatrical, out of the Geiger Counter mare Antique Auction) born Jan 11

Filly (Curlin, out of Hawkster mare Zophie) born Jan 12

Filly (Raven’s Pass, out of Danehill mare Pure Illusion) born Jan 12

Filly (The Green Monkey, out of Kayrawan mare I’m Angela) born Jan 13

Filly (Majestic Warrior, out of Hennessy mare Express Chick) born Jan 17

Filly (War Pass, out of Smoke Glacken mare Throbbin’ Heart) born Jan 19

Filly (Midnight Lute, out of Tiznow mare Tough Tiz’s Sis) born Jan 19

Filly (Spring At Last, out of Gold Fever mare Havana Gold) born Jan 19

Filly (Harlington, out of A.P. Indy mare Appleby Gardens) born Jan 20

My thoughts (albeit a little twisted, or esoteric at times) include:

If the Student Council foal had been a filly, I think Tracy Flick would have been perfect! Folks familiar with the Renee Witherspoon film “Election” will get it. However, since it’s a colt, I’m inclined to go with Class President.

Jade Emperor sounds regal for the Indygo Shiner colt, while the Xchanger colt could be Xchanging Vows.

For the Majestic Warrior filly, it would be too easy to go with Majestic Chick, wouldn’t it? Maybe something more regal, like Boudica or Valkyrie Warrior? Along those lines, how about Warrior’s Heart for the War Pass filly?

I’m a huge fan of Tough Tiz’s Sis so seeing her filly by Midnight Lute run will be a real pleasure—but, I’m completely at a loss for a name! Same is true of Curlin’s little girl—maybe Princess Zophie?

Would it be too mean to name The Green Monkey’s daughter I’m a Monkey Too?


Becky said...

I'm apparently not very good at this, but I can say that whenever I think of the name Curlin (and especially with the winter games coming up) I end up thinking of "curling". So I looked up a bunch of curling terms, and I think a bunch would make good Curlin colt or filly names: Roaring Game, Rock in Play, Kizzle Kazzle, Wicky Wacky Woo.

Valerie said...

Becky, that was my first thought about Curlin’s name too! I can just hear Tom Durkin calling “Wicky Wacky Woo.”

Wind Gatherer said...

I am way out of line on this one but the Indygo Shiner/Jade Queen colt I would name: Bitch Slap

dana said...

I'll have to come back to this when I'm feeling a little witty but I just wanted to say "wow" about the combo of Midnight Lute & Tough Tiz's Sis!

Ok, Midnight Sis.

Student Obsession.

Pass the Illusion.

Heart of Darkness (War Pass/Throbbin' Heart in case that wasn't clear, lol.)

Tracy Flick is great!

dana said...

ha ha ha re: Bitch Slap!

Valerie said...

Bitch Slap is fantastic! LMAO!

I love Heart of Darkness, but unfortunately is taken :(

Oh, and it was announced that Big Brown produced his first offspring, a filly (!) out of a Storm Cat mare named Impressive Attire. If it had been a colt, I'm thinking Pimp Suit, in honor of Michael Iavarone. :)

MKNull said...

Hi. I'm new come to this sport and haven't been reading long, but since one of my favorite things about racing is clever names I can't help but chime in.

Student Council Colt-Don't Stand so Close (Could also apply to any of Zenyatta's future offspring-yay for the Police!)

Shiner Colt-Bar Fight (or at least that's what they always say)

Theatrical Filly-Either Ingenue or Film Classic

Curling Filly-Zophisticate maybe?

Green Monkey Filly-How about Top Price?

War Pass Filly-Heart (or H'Art?) of War

Midnight Lute Filly-Tough Crowd

Harlington Filly-Harley Racer (Indy=Racing)

Valerie said...

MK, your ideas are superb! I’m particularly enamored with Ingenue and Zophisticate! Hopefully these foals future owners read this :) Thanks for contributing.

dana said...

ha ha, one just popped into my head!

War Pass/Throbbing Heart - Tell Tale War

Anonymous said...

Student Council - Cuttin Class
Theatrical - Untamed Shrew
Xchanger - Golddigger
Curlin - Curlique
The Green Monkey - The White Elephant, Green wit Envy, Monkey See and Monkey Do, Ford Edsel, Vestal Virgin (daddy never broke his maiden)