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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

¡Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

In honor of one of the most gratuitous excuses for getting wasted, some hunch bets for Wednesday:

Belmont, Race 5—Miss Tequila (10)
Charles Town, Race 3—Lots of Rum (5)
Charles Town, Race 7—Rum City (9)
Delta Downs, Race 1—This Guys Toasted (9)
Delta Downs, Race 3—Cocktail Warrior (6), and Down Some Crown (10)
Delta Downs, Race 6—Alcohol and Ambiance (6)
Hollywood, Race 7—Miss Mojito (2)

Looking through Wednesday’s entries, I also noticed another theme. For your blogging pleasure:

Belmont, Race 5—Jen’s Dream (3)
Belmont, Race 9—Dana’s Bell (4)
Delta Downs, Race 4—Jess A Loaded Bug (3)
Evangeline, Race 9—Geno (12)
Indiana Downs, Race 6—Ms. Cat Princess (4)
Indiana Downs, Race 7—Lisa’s Kitten (2)
Will Rogers Downs, Race 5—Mustbejohnsfault (4)
Will Rogers Downs, Race 10—Megawatt Joe (3)


dana said...

LOL, I will be celbrating via twinspires mobile acct... gracias for the cabeza's up!

EquiSpace said...

Hahaha...i caught that Geno reference, it should have been up in the Cinco de Mayo section....was just emailing Patrick that I am headed for one big ole Mah-gah-RIT-a!!

John said...

Yes it's my fault Todd won the Derby, I must be his good luck charm. If I wasn't there, he'd be 0-28.

Ms. Cat Princess said...

And she WON! Thank goodness she paid only $4 or I'd really be kicking myself.