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Thursday, August 12, 2010

So, What's Wrong with This Commercial?

Notice the differences between these two pictures?

As if one needs further proof that Penn National Gaming Inc. couldn’t give a hoot about horse racing, I noticed the other night two very different commercials that are running on our local television stations. It doesn’t take a genius to figure about which entity doesn't feel the least bit of compulsion to at least pay lip service to the fact that their Pennsylvania gaming license only exists due to (gasp!) horse racing.

Mea culpa in regards to the Hollywood Casino video: this version of the video available on YouTube is for their Bangor, Maine location, but it is identical in every way (except the closing frame with location noted) to the one running in Pennsylvania. Bangor Raceway/OTB is a harness racing track that conducted races 53 days this year, from May to July, and September to November. Not that you would know that from their commercial.


The_Knight_Sky said...

What's wrong in the commercials? Plenty.

But I won't itemize anything here
other than remind readers that Hollywood Casino has also recently taken over Charles Town Racetrack in West Virginia.

The so called "branding" is evident on top of the starting gate at Charles Town in huge letters that has no place on the racetrack.

Horse Racing has been tempted by the devil, fallen prey to it and may never be the self-sustaining product the way it should be.

MH said...

My primary argument against slots at racetracks.

Miss Woodford said...

The Meadows does seem to put horse racing on top, which is why they are doing so well compared to other Pennsylvania racinos. Unfortunately it's the only racino I can think of where the word "racetrack" is put before "casino" or "slots" in the name and logo.

SaratogaSpa said...

Couldn't agree more with your post and the comments of the others on this. The problem is the states have all become addicted to the easy slots money coming in. But with the new retirees(your primary slot player) coming in with less money than those who retired in the last 10 years and the saturation of racino's in every state-beware, beware, this will not go on forever-and than what?

Rachel said...

I believe Delaware Park has Racetrack and Casino in that order on their signs.

Acetyl-Coa said...

Penn Nat'l (I refuse to call it Hollywood Casino) is worse when you get there. At the casino level thre's a couple of 'nice' erm classy restaurants. Once you manage to find your way through the casino (Flashing lights! Cigarette smoke!) there's a lousy cafeteria. To quote my father, "It's like betting horses makes you the lowest of the low - lower even than the people with oxygen tanks and motor scooters playing 2 slots at once."