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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Takeover Off Target?

News out of Australia that 11-year-old gelding Takeover Target may return to racing is sure to stir up controversy. The much-travelled sprinter—winner of 21 of 41 races including eight Group 1 events on three continents, and with earnings of over A$6 million—was retired in July 2009 after suffering a cracked cannon bone while running in the G1 July Cup at Newmarket. It looked like a heartbreaking end to the Cinderella story of taxi driver Joe Janiak and his A$1,250 horse—a story that was being shopped around Hollywood, with a planned climax at the Breeders’ Cup all for naught. Now with the possibility that he may reenter the racing fray, will Janiak’s quest for the “perfect” fairy tale ending lead to an unfortunately conceived comeback? Stay tuned...


Anne S said...

You really have to wonder where Joe Janiak's head is at. It's as if he can't let go of the fairytale.

My first reaction to this news was, gee Joe let him rest on his laurels and don't go on with this nonesense comeback.

Brian Appleton said...

I hope they leave him be and keep him in retirement. Even if there is a good chance he is healed fully it's tough to get a horse that old back to the level he was at and maintain his well-being as well as race him at a level that does his legacy justice. Lava Man comes to mind.