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Sunday, December 19, 2010

TBA Photo Contest Voting Underway

Once again it’s time for the Thoroughbred Bloggers Alliance (TBA) photo contest, and there are some stellar submissions this year (guaranteed to be better than the Eclipse winner which tends to be rather dry and predictable). The first round of voting runs through next Saturday (December 25), so visit the TBA home page, and make your selections. The top 10 will undergo a second round of voting, ending on December 31.

Among my personal favorites:

Bud Morton’s Saratoga Turf Turn

Bob Mayberger’s Up, Up and Away

Eric Kalet’s Super Calvin

Kate Hunter’s Japan Cup

Wendy Uzelac’s Blame vs. Zenyatta

Maybe not the best photo, but certainly the one most ironically appropriate for the state of horse racing today is this one by Jay Moran, A Senior Moment:


Ian Lozada said...

As a professional photographer, I think the Mayberger one has some quality (his other one is a little better, however)- it always helps to get your camera somewhere different, but most of the others you selected were very generic as photographs. It's hard not confusing compelling days with compelling photography. The senior moment one was different, but the composition was decidedly lacking, with the lead horse's head cropped out of the picture. It just felt like the shooter didn't plan their shot enough.

The_Knight_Sky said...

All of these photos are terrific. I do believe though that the TBA contest would be served well by creating two categories:

1) professional
2) amateur

The skill levels and the equipment for the bloggers who take images at the racetrack is not a match for those who have doing this for many years.

And quite possibly the contestants may not even have a blog of their own. Something that should be required to entered a prestigious contest such as this one. ;-)

Anne S said...

For some fabulous Aussie racehorse photos visit Bronwyn Healy's blog - The Image Is Everything

There are some really spectacular High Chapparal photos of interest to all you High Chap fans.