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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Just Sayin'...Chicks Rule

Need any further evidence that currently fillies and mares rule the horse racing world? The proof is in the awards:

2009-10 Mercedes Award for New Zealand Champion 2-year-old: filly Banchee

2009-10 Mercedes Award for New Zealand Champion 3-year-old: filly Katie Lee

2010 Australian Racehorse of the Year: 5-year-old mare Typhoon Tracy

2010 Australian Champion 2-year-old: filly Crystal Lily

2010 World Thoroughbred Rankings Champion Sprinter of the World: 4-year-old mare Black Caviar

2010 Cartier Award for European Horse of the Year: 5-year-old mare Goldikova

2010 Japanese Horse of the Year: 5-year-old mare Buena Vista

2010 Eclipse Award for American Horse of the Year: 6-year-old mare Zenyatta

[Edited to add two Quarter Horse champions, as noted by an anonymous poster...thanks! Keep 'em coming, folks!]

2010 AQHA Champion Aged Horse: 4 year-old mare Spit Curl Diva

2010 Mexican Champion: 2-year-old filly Corona Lady

[Edited to add: How could I forget these two??]

2009-10 Chilean Champion Horse of the Year: 4-year-old filly Belle Watling

2009-10 Chilean Champion Stayer: 4-year-old filly Casablanca Smile


Brian Appleton said...

After Zenyatta's Horse of the Year win last night it marks the first time ever in American history that females runners have won Horse of the Year in consecutive years.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the quarter horses.

Spit Curl Diva, a 4 year-old mare, was named 2010 AQHA Champion Aged Horse.

Corona Lady, a 2 year-old filly, was named 2010 Mexican Champion.

Pullthepocket said...

Sweet post.

The female thoroughbred racehorse has been under-represented and under-appreciated for a long time in our racing fabric. Who knows, maybe a genetic freak like Goldikova can win some races over here and be honored next year.

I'd add some harness racers to your list, but when they step up and are superstars, when compared to others who have followed them, they honor them. Did you know that the first triple crown winner since 1973 (in 2004) came second in the HOY voting for harness racing? He was beaten by a 3 year old filly who was one for the ages. The way it should be.