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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Drinking the Kool-Aid, Bill Finley

Like so many others these days stressed out by the state of the world, I’m cranky. Yes, I confess, it’s the little things that are starting to piss me off because I have no control over the bigger issues.

Such as the glut of bad “reality” television on nearly every channel. It’s bad enough that the testosterone-laden History Channel (where apparently only men do things of historical importance like forage for antiques and collectibles from somewhat mentally-challenged hoarders, or from those who must resort to pawning their valuables) has regressed to airing something as completely non-socially redeeming as “Swamp People.” Even Animal Planet is in on the action with the oh-so-culturally-interesting “Hillbilly Handfishin’.”

So-called “chick” channels are no better, where “reality” is filled with nary a working woman, just bad-girls, sluts, cheerleaders, teen moms or beauty pageant mothers. And isn’t that the kind of woman we all want our little girls to grow up to be?

This flood of poor-taste “reality” television is mind-numbing and dim-witted, perfect for a culture blatantly—and proudly—anti-intellectual. God bless America!

In that context, I was repelled by the notion of Del Mar’s recent “match race” between former fiancées Mike Smith and Chantal Sutherland. Seriously, what was the point? It was the horses they rode that ultimate won or lost the race, not them, and did we really need to see either of them awkwardly promoting the event in interviews? It was uncomfortable to watch, pathetic to wager on and just plain demeaning to both jockeys. Yet, over at, Bill Finley “found it to be a lot more entertaining than anything else that happened in horse racing over the weekend.”

Let that sink in for a moment. Yes, a guy who covers horse racing actually said that. Wow, talk about drinking the company Kool-Aid. It was just another in a series of bad ideas by those "leading" the industry, and classy Del Mar should be ashamed that they actually lowered themselves to this level. Then again this is the same track that hosts the not-in-the-least-offensive-or-demeaning Miss Cougar contest...


Amateurcapper said...


I agree with you about the sexist promotion of the "Battle of the Exes", although I hoped to see a good race. I remembered how exciting the "Battle of the Sexes" between P. Val and Julie Krone was back in '03.

Chantal let the emotion of the race affect her performance. During the post parade, she tried to wish Smith good luck and was rebuffed by a focused Hall of Fame jockey, taught to win at all costs. Her follow-up comment to the outrider was, "Why do I try?"

It was a match race before a race matching two exes to me...whether her mount lost by two lengths or 20 miles it was incumbent on her to try to win the race. At no point did she put any pressure on Smith.

It was truly a big bore.

To say it was the best thing going on the weekend, Bill Finley should have his press pass revoked.



Spot on. AMEN!