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Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Names 2012

It’s that time again! With the arrival of 2012’s first foals—specifically those by first-year sires—comes our annual Baby Names game. No prizes, just the pure pleasure—and challenge—of devising witty, profound or just plain goofy names for the newborns. I’ve included a little more pedigree information than in years past, plus clickable links of both sire and dam in case you want to explore their progeny and/or siblings in more detail. Also, you can check The Jockey Club Registry to see if the name is available. Feel free to include your ideas in the comments’ section; I promise to post any and all suggestions.

January 7—Filly, by Desert Party out of Spikes, by Dixie Union out of the Double Zeus mare Safe at the Plate
  • Going along with the damline baseball theme, how about Diamondback, or Stealin’ Home?
January 9—Filly, by Concord Point out of My Brooklynne Rose, by Indian Charlie out of the Honour and Glory mare Kimberly Sue
  • Umm, a sire named for a lighthouse in Havre de Grace, MD…this one’s tough, with damline names all over the place. Sticking with the water theme, I’m leaning towards naming her after the Rhine siren Lorelei, a beautiful name (plus I totally love the Pogues’ song).
January 11—Filly, by The Pamplemousse out of Broke the Slump, by Slewpy out of the Falstaff mare Code It Nikki
  • Tenuously clinging to the baseball metaphor, I was thinking Grapefruit League, but it’s taken. But just plain Grapefruit isn’t…or maybe Sustained Pressure?
January 13—Colt, by Blame out of Promptly, by Lead on Time out of the Final Straw mare Ghariba
  • I suppose Promptly Blame is too damn easy…but it’s available! How about Without Reproach?
January 13—Filly, by Temple City out of Goes Around, by Wild Again out of the Nijinsky mare Lady Becker
  • I’m such an architecture geek; my first thought was Circumambulate. How about What Goes Around?
January 14—Filly, by Super Saver out of Yield to Faith, by High Yield out of the Sir Ivor mare Royal Solution
  • Faith Saver might be appropriate, but I’m thinking Extreme Couponer is timely and right on.
January 16—Filly, by Lookin At Lucky out of Awesome, by Storm Cat out of the Key to the Mint mare Pure Profit
  • Too easy: Lookin’ Awesome or Awesome Lucky. Nothing less is expected from a filly whose dam is a half sister to the likes of Inside Information and Educated Risk.
January 17—Colt, by Quality Road out of Dorm Fever, by Stormin Fever out of the Pleasant Colony mare Dorm
  • Road Trip! Damn, already taken. Colony Road? Bit of a stretch. Being from Pennsylvania, I’d go with Lincoln Highway.
January 20—Colt, by Munnings out of Heaven’s Grace, by Untuttable out of the Septieme Ciel mare Heaven’s Gate
  • Not in the least bit original, how about Munnings’ Grace? Not really appropriate for a colt though, I suppose. How about another equine artist name, like Sartorius (what a great sounding, strong name!), or, in honor of Peb, Bellocq?
EDITED TO ADD: Well, how could we not include a name for the new colt, born on January 22, to champion Rachel Alexandra, by Curlin? He's got his mother's look, with a beautiful star! Congratulations to her connections.


tencentcielo said...

Desert Party - Spikes = Super Bowl Score
I know it is a switch of sports, but with Glendale, AZ hosting the super bowl so many times, I thought I'd go with it.

The Pamplemousse - Broke The Slump = Bloop Single
I know that Florida is technically the home of the Grapefruit league, but they grow in Texas too. (Texas Leaguer is another term for bloop single, but it is taken)

Blame - Promptly = Quick To Flee (as in quick to flee to avoid blame)

Quality Road - Dorm Fever = Frat Row. It's a shame that Panty Raid is unavailable though. ;-)

Valerie Grash said...

Oooh, I like Bloop Single and Frat Row, and great (or sick) minds must think alike because as I wrote it I was thinking Panty Raid! :-)

Anne S said...

I've thought of a few:

DesertParty - Spikes

Cactus Juice - Alcohol + desert plant + party drink.

Also thought Date Rape could fit as in spiked drinks

Blame - Promptly

Impeach Melba

Peach Melba is an Aussie dessert, so I decided to pun peach and melba is an anagram of blame.

Temple City - Goes Around

Exotic Resort - holiday destination and travel.

Alison M said...

Hope I'm not too late; I love this game.
Desert Party - Spikes = Spike the Ball - A ball is kind of a party.
Concord Point - My Brooklynne Rose = Brookline - Forget MD, Concord is a town in MA and so is Brookline.
The Pamplemousse - Broke the Slump= The Moose Ran Home - Pretty lame. That's a tough one.
Blame - Promptly = Russian Judge - I'd prefer Vigilante but its reserved (Russian=Rushin')
Temple City - Goes Around = Got Religion-
Super Saver - Yield to Faith = Saved by Faith
Lookin' At Lucky - Awesome = Luckytolookawesome
Quality Road - Dorm Fever = Panty Road
Munnings - Heaven's Grace = Heavenly Morning
Rachel Alexandra - Curlin = Best to the Best? Best Pair of Genes? How about Rachel's Hottie? (A play on HOTY ) Is hottie a girl's description only?