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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No Joy in Flood City

Devastating news! As of June 20, Penn National is closing our OTW site here is Johnstown. A lot of disappointed people today, regulars and more casual bettors alike. I suppose we can use a betting service online, but the point is, we enjoyed getting together to watch the races on the large screens, bouncing ideas off each other, and congratulating (or commiserating with) each other on our picks. A real energy that invigorated the racing experience…what a shame to lose that :(

That news definitely put a damper on the day. Still, let’s see how I did:

Race 1: totally off, as longest of longshots, Twilight Gallop won ($75.50)
Race 2: Martial Affair ($2.70, win), Vision of Sunrise ($4.80 place), J.B. Three (scratch)
Race 7: Vow to Greatness ($7.50, win), Your Hour’s Up ($2.50, place), Dr. V’s Magic ($3.00 show)
Race 8: Bookmaster ($2.20, show)

Race 8: Lemon Drop Mom ($3.60, win), Light and Liberty ($2.40, show)

Race 7: Kid Cugat ($3.40, place)

Race 1: Parksagain (scratch), Snooze You Lose ($4.80, place)
Race 2: Call Me Chaotic ($2.60, place), Celestial Sky ($2.20, show)
Race 3: Chef Andy (fourth)
Race 4: Nagem Nagem Nagem (a NAG)
Race 5: Smart Bluff ($9.00, place), Shimmering Echo ($2.40, show)
Race 6: Ursula’s Passion ($6.00, win), Miss Lombardi ($3.60, show)
Race 7: Brandon’s Oboe ($4.40, place), Rich Mountain ($2.20, show)
Race 8: Hot Prince (scratch)

Race 3: Moonlight Flite, Inavision, More to Prove (all disappointing)
Race 4: Country Cha Cha ($4.40, win), Morgan’s Gold (terrible ride, was taken wide off the rail coming into stretch and went from head-to-head contender to pretender)
Race 5: Sovereign Kit (scratch), Proud Diligence ($5.40, place)
Race 6: Truer Than True (fourth)
Race 7: Hostess ($11.40, win)
Race 8: Tap Gold ($5.60, win), Broken Romance ($10.20, place)
Race 9: Sweet Smile ($3.80, place), Tia Dia ($3.60, show)