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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wednesday at the Races

My mom is coming to visit for the day, and wants to go to the OTB for the first time. Of course, I am more than willing to oblige :) I am sure she’ll just want to play cute names so I’m going in with some preparation. Let’s see how well I handicapped these:

Race 1: Elkhorn, Clearly Ideal, Dutch Girl
Race 2: Vision of Sunrise, Martial Affair, J.B. Three, Westsideaptitude
Race 7: Dr. V’s Magic, Your Hour’s Up, Vow to Greatness
Race 8: Bookmaster, Auto City, Heretic, Coach Kent

Race 8: Our Linda Lou, Lemon Drop Mom, Light and Liberty

Race 7: Ketchup Red, Kid Cugat

Race 1: Parksagain, Snooze You Lose
Race 2: Call Me Chaotic, Celestial Sky
Race 3: Chef Andy
Race 4: Nagem Nagem Nagem (one of my old Philly favs)
Race 5: Smart Bluff, Shimmering Echo
Race 6: Deed to the Gate, Miss Lombardi, Ursula’s Passion, Tsarmina
Race 7: Rich Mountain, Brandon’s Oboe
Race 8: Hot Prince

Race 3: Moonlight Flite, Inavision, More to Prove
Race 4: Morgan’s Gold, Country Cha Cha
Race 5: Sovereign Kit, Proud Diligence
Race 6: Truer Than True
Race 7: Hostess, Rain Check
Race 8: Tap Gold, Broken Romance
Race 9: Sweet Smile, Tia Dia