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Sunday, December 30, 2007

An Art Historian's Hunch Picks for Monday, December 31

With due apologies to Alan at Left at the Gate, I offer my own twisted version of hunch picks for the last day of 2007. Hey, give me a break...I've got one more week of vacation before the start of spring semester. Recognize (without cheating) this images?

[updated with my lame results]

Pretty Blue Dancer (6th at Charles Town)
Proud King (8th at Charles Town)
Stand by Your Flag (3rd at Golden Gate)
Look to the Sky (4th at Golden Gate) $13.20 place
Great Victorian (9th at Calder)
Mayan Idol (2nd at Fair Grounds)
Sea of Galilee (3rd at Philly)
Dot’sbrush (4th at Philly)
Angels and Saints (10th at Philly)
Painted Clown (8th at Philly)
Classic Strike (9th at Fair Grounds) $2.60 place
I Can See You Now (2nd at Portland Meadows) $3.00 place
Iaintnobunnyrabbit (2nd at Santa Anita)
The Royals Court (5th at Santa Anita) $8.20 place

Happy New Year!!