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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Presque Isle Results for Saturday

I know Nellie over at The Last Filly is happy tonight, as Miss A Bomb ($11.80) took the Inaugural Stakes at Presque Isle. Steve Asmussen’s Tres Dream ($4.00) ran second, while Unforgotten ($3.00) finished third. The final time for the six furlongs was 1:11.34. Unfortunately, the race was marred by favorite Cantrel who dueled for the lead, but pulled up before the half and was vanned off. All Giving led early, but faded to finish 5th, followed by Dicey Girl who really showed nothing.

I totally missed in race 2 (with Move Clickly and Silent Tiff scratched), but, looking at the payouts, it looks like most people did. The winner Zubani ($35.40) has been training at Penn National, while second place finisher She’s Simply Sweet ($13.40) shipped in from Thistledown, while Chief Mena ($10.00 show) arrived via Churchill. I must admit, I did ponder Chief Mena seriously, primarily due to her turf pedigree (dam sire: Theatrical), but…I couldn’t select them all as winners. What a nice payout for bettors, though! The $2 daily double (9-4) paid $252.40, while the $2 exacta ($533.60) and $2 trifecta ($5,669.40) would have certainly made my day.

In the third, poor Danthebluegrassman! He was behind the entire race, and finished last, but…at least [edited to add: he is still running]; however, he was claimed by Ryan Beattie for R.J. Thoroughbred Stables LLC. Steve Asmussen got his first win here, with Catonight ($12.40), with Canadian trainer Layne Giliforte successfully launching Sugarcoat ($4.20) to finish second; longshot El Hannan’s Storm ($6.20) was third.

Scott Lake had his first winner in Mac N Mayo ($6.80) in race 4, while Todd Beattie’s favorite Ashley’s Moment ($2.60) finished ½ length back. Peppermint’s Echo ($3.60) was third.

One Eyed Joker ($8.00) was an easy winner for Michael Maker, winning by 6 lengths over Steve Asmussen’s Red Rock Creek ($3.60); Wayne Catalano’s Templar’s Cup ($3.80) finished third. Maggi Moss-owned Canela set a slow pace in the lead, but faded badly in the stretch, beating only one horse—the hapless Anasazi Moon who earned the dreaded “failed to menace.”

In race 6, Kentucky shipper Itsallboutthechase ($4.60) beat out Mountaineer-based Cryptolight ($6.60) and Delaware-shipper Tungsten ($3.20). Cat Criminal and Holiday Peak battled for the lead early, but stopped as they turned for home, finishing last and next to last respectively. Everyman moved from last to finish fourth.

Favored Indian Chant ($3.20) gave owner Maggi Moss her first winner at PID, winning wire-to-wire, with Asmussen-trained Santana Strings ($3.20) second and Kiaran McLaughlin’s Museeb third. Kingsgate Bay wasn’t awful, but did finish last.

In the finale, Slew Slammed Sue ($17.40) beat Nine Jewels ($2.40) and Captain’s Windrose ($4.00) who deadheated for place.

Over all, two races were won wire-to-wire (both sprints), while two were won by late closers (one sprint, one route). The other races saw winners who were near the leaders throughout.

Miguel Mena leads the jockey standings, with 3 wins and 2 thirds, and Eddie Martin Jr. had 1 win, 2 seconds and 3 thirds. Corey Lanerie also had a good night, with a win, 2 seconds and 1 third. As for trainers, can you believe every race was won by a different trainer? So, it’s an 8-way tie based on wins. On to Day Two!

I would love to hear from anyone who was at opening night. What were your impressions, of the track, the horses and the overall atmosphere? This is the place to dish, vent or praise...


kipper said...

I was there...they needed more betting windows. Although during the week they may have just enough. Too many people did not know what to do on the self serve units.

Food was expensive so come with a full stomach.

Track was nice. Close to the action if you went track side.

It was very crowded although don't think they will sustain the crowds although hope they prove me wrong.

I was going to take my camera to take a picture of your horse but was not sure if I was allowed.

I broke even for the night till I went in and played a few slots....stupid things.

Valerie said...

Thanks, Kipper! Especially for thinking of me and my mini-obsession with Danthebluegrassman. I understand they don't allow photos at Mountaineer (at least on WV Derby day they didn't) and PID is run by the same bunch, so I'm glad you didn't risk incarceration for me :) LOL

I read online that slots people have been complaining about the food there since it opened, so that doesn't surprise me. Also, the slots machines supposedly don't pay out as well as other least, that's the reputation they have.

Unfortunately, I probably won't be able to get up there during the week, since it's a 3 hour+ drive, but I definitely want to be there on September 15 for the $400k filly/mare sprint prep. Hopefully the novelty will have worn off for neophytes by then and I'll have ready access to the betting windows :)

Nellie said...

You'll have some photos coming your way of Dan once they've been developed.

I didn't know MTR had a thing against cameras, and I had my 'professional' one around my neck at all times. It isn't exactly small, but no one said anything. Far as I'm concerned, I still don't. You don't publicize that info, how am I to know?

Right now, I'm very disheartened. I hoped ... I really did.

Valerie said...

From the article (, it sounds like PID messed it up. I was hoping PA would gets its act together and be able to put together a first-rate track, but how could they not think to do the very basic things such as:

1. open the licensing office before noon so owners, trainers and grooms could be processed quickly and efficiently.

2. have a large, comfortable jocks' room with amenities, like a class act should.

3. make every effort to have a first-rate, comfortable stalls for horses.

I'm sure there will be other issues that come up. You would just think that, for an organization who already owns racetracks, they would have had a list from the beginning and worked on completing it.

Damn slot machines...on the one hand, I know we wouldn't have this track without them, but the resulting track appears (at times) like a required afterthought that they just don't really care all that much about. It was just necessary to get the all-important slots license.

Nellie said...

Trust me, this track was an afterthought. Unfortunately, I didn't bother to save the articles regarding the development (it's been in the works for a *long* time now) ... but over the years, it's been made clearer and clearer - and there were a few points where you didn't even have to read between the lines.

Don said...

Hi, I'm new here, and please understand, I am not being confrontational.

What did you mean by this?
In the third, poor Danthebluegrassman! He was behind the entire race, and finished last, but…at least he was claimed by Ryan Beattie for R.J. Thoroughbred Stables LLC

I don't know of Mr Beattie, or R.J. Thoroughbred Stables. Will they be better than the Chapmans who they claimed Dan from. The Chapmans do a good job keeping Caller One together with careful works and a light racing schedule.

I've followed Dan since 2002, and hopefully this is a good situation for him.
Thanks for some insight!

kipper said...

I will be taking a camera next time. I saw a few folks taking pictures. If they say no I will just take it back to car. I did see some folks behind fence with what looked to be professional camera(s). One person even took a few shots of some fans when I was standing behind them.

Valerie said...

Hi Don, and welcome!

I need to do a better job of proofreading before I post—my laptop has a nasty predilection for deleting partial sentences or even paragraphs if I lean my wrists on it when typing. What I actually wrote (but what got deleted) was:

In the third, poor Danthebluegrassman! He was behind the entire race, and finished last, but…at least he is still running; however, he was claimed by Ryan Beattie for R.J. Thoroughbred Stables LLC.

I admire the Chapmans greatly, and did not mean to, however inadvertently, imply otherwise. I do hope Dan is going into an equally caring new home. I did a search on R J Thoroughbreds (, and trainer Linda Rice is connected with them, but I am a little concerned about this wording in Ryan Beattie’s bio: “Ryan is a welcomed addition to the team, his hardworking and aggressive and hands on attitude with horses shows he is a winner.” Having an “aggressive” attitude with horses doesn’t necessarily sound like a good thing, particularly with an older horse like Dan.

Also, on their current offerings page (, under Partnership 1E, which may be Dan (?), it creeps me out that they spelled it “Eerie, PA”.

Joe Hochhauser said...

Ryan is a top notch trainer, having studied under his Uncle Todd, who is one of the best in the country. Ryan is coming into his own and knows how to deal with both young and aging horses. Dan will be in a great enviorment an enviorment where the average race fan can own a piece of a legend for as little as $299. As far as the spelling mistake, thanks for pointing it out and I hope to have it fixed ASAP.
We at R and J only deal with top notch tariners who know how to win, who care about our partners and put our horses first. All of our trainers are proven winners that make being an owner a fun experience. I look forward to seeing the legend race and do well in our company. Goto and follow Dan's progress.